Stokely Hathaway Reveals His New Faction The Firm, Explains Why They Helped MJF Win the Casino Ladder Match

MJF cut a promo on Jon Moxley this week, warning him and everyone else left in the AEW World Championship tournament that they better stay out of his way when he decides to cash in the AEW World Championship shot he earned by winning the Casino Ladder Match back at All Out. He also decided to explain what happened that night, revealing he had a faction "on retainer" led by his best friend Stokely Hathaway. The group then arrived, with Hathaway announcing them as The Firm. 

Stokely described the group as MJF's "support system" but noted that when Friedman no longer needs them they'll simply go their separate ways. He then talked about each member of the group, telling W. Morrissey he loves him (complete with an awkward hug), said Lee Moriarty wants to bring prestige back to the ROH Pure Championship, that The Gunn Club want to be out of the shadow of their father and win the tag titles and that Ethan Page wants to represent Canada by winning the AEW All-Atlantic Championship.

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