What Did AEW Want in Return for a Billy Gunn WWE Appearance?

D-Generation X celebrated their 25th anniversary earlier this week on Monday Night Raw, but a key member was absent. Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Road Dogg, and X-Pac hit the ring without Billy Gunn, as the former WWF Intercontinental Champion was unable to appear due to his contract status with All Elite Wrestling. According to Road Dogg, Gunn was seemingly in for the reunion ahead of Monday Night Raw, but plans changed and he was unable to show face. Gunn primarily works for AEW as a coach but has recently been a prominent part of AEW TV as the manager of AEW World Tag Team Champions The Acclaimed.

As reported by Dave Meltzer on the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, AEW President Tony Khan did in fact give the okay for Gunn to be apart of the DX reunion, although it came on one condition: WWE needed to mention on air that Gunn was from AEW. Meltzer added that the reference would have been similar to how Mickie James' status with Impact Wrestling was mentioned during her WWE Royal Rumble appearance earlier this year. WWE reportedly stalled when it came to giving Khan his answer, and with no decision made at the last minute, Gunn was unable to appear.

This lines up with what Road Dogg said about Gunn being in for the reunion at first, as he likely told his stablemates that he would be there once Khan gave the initial terms.

"During the day prior, I texted him, 'Hey, are you going to be able to make it? Have you found out any answers yet?' He said, 'Yes, I'm in.' I was like, 'Oh my God, that's awesome.' Literally, before I landed at home, I found out he was not in," Road Dogg said. "I texted him back and he wasn't happy either. It just didn't work, no matter what. I understand. Whatever. I understand we're [AEW and WWE] not huge fans of each other from a business standpoint. It was a big deal, and I feel like he got ripped off and didn't live it with us. I'm sorry for that. I know he is too."

Even with Gunn not there in person, his presence was felt in spirit as Road Dogg's singalong intro for the New Age Outlaws gave the crowd the opportunity to chant "the bad a-- Billy Gunn."