AEW's Bryan Danielson Moves On To World Title Eliminator Finals on Rampage

Tonight's AEW Rampage kicked off with the semi-finals round of the World Title Eliminator Tournament, which pitted Bryan Danielson against Eddie Kingston. The match started off with Kingston getting some big shots in, but Danielson would close the gap and get Kingston pinned in the corner. He would then huge kicks that sunk Kingston down but Kingston would hit massive chops on Danielson to return the favor. Danielson flipped over him and then clotheslined Kingston and then hit the running boot in the corner, sending Kingston out of the ring to catch his breath and recover a bit.

Kingston threw a chair into the ring and then got back inside. They locked up in the middle of the ring but pushed each other away. Danielson blocked Kingston's moves and hit more chops, and then he went to a wrist lock to hype extend his arm. A stomp on the arm followed and then Danielson hit another one to weaken the arm and wrist further.

Knees to the face followed and more work on the wrist, but Kingston countered with a knee to the chest and hard-hitting chops to the chest. A headbutt came next, but it did some damage to Kingston, and Danielson hit one of his own. They both exchanged another headbutt each and then they traded uppercuts and kicks.

Kingston hit a dropkick and then tried to shake his arm awake. He hit a Lateral Press and then started work on Danielson's neck and head, and then another set of chest chops followed. He then bit Danielson's forehead, and Danielson looked worn down.

A foot to the neck came next, and then he hit more chops. After throwing Danielson out of the ring, Danielson got back in and Kingston kept up the attack, with more chops. Danielson returned the favor and then Kingston hit a quick pop to the jaw. Danielson hit a dropkick but Kingston countered and then hit a suppler onto the floor.

Danielson got back in before the count but Kingston kept him down, hitting more chops and making Danielson's chest redder and redder. Danielson went to the top but Kingston caught him. Danielson fought it and then headbutted Kingston to knock him off, though Kingston hit another palm strike to knock him down as well.

Kingston chopped Danielson again and went back up top, but Danielson got underneath him and then got behind him and hit a huge suplex that brought down Kingston on the back of his head and neck.

Danielson got back up first and then hit another chop, followed by another and then an uppercut. Kingston hit more chops but Danielson hit kicks. Kingston hit an Enziguri and then Danielson hit a roundhouse. More kicks followed on Kingston's chest and then one more to his head. Danielson then threw punches at Kingston's head and then went to lock in a submission but Kingston got out of it. He then hit a DDT on Danielson.

Then both stars traded more punches and kicks that sent them each down to the mat, and the crowd got up on their feet. Kingston crawled towards Danielson but he locked in the Triangle Sleeper, and then Danielson hit elbows to the head but Kingston gave him the middle finger. Danielson had locked it in though and Kingston faded, and Danielson moves on to the finals.

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