AEW's Jade Cargill Moves On To TBS Women's Championship Tournament Semifinals

Tonight's AEW Rampage featured the next match in the TBS Championship tournament, and Jade Cargill made her way to the ring for her match against Red Velvet. The semi-finals match kicked off with both competitors throwing punches, and Velvet backed Cargill into a corner but Cargill pushed her away and then shoved her into the corner. Velvet got away and got Cargill back into the corner, and then she slickly evaded Cargill's attack.

Cargill had Velvet lifted but Velvet got away again and then hit a huge kick to the side of Cargill's head. Velvet charged in with a crossbody but Cargill caught her and threw Velvet across the ring. She followed it up with a kick to the stomach and a stomp to the back.

Cargill kept stomping Velvet, and then she lifted Velvet and flipped her into a slam onto the mat. She stomped Velvet again, and Velvet came back with a chop, but Cargill got the better of the encounter until Velvet got away again and then hit a huge kick to Cargill.

She charged at Cargill but she was punched by Cargill and got caught in the ropes. Cargill picked her up on the side of the ring and slammed her back onto the ring apron.

Cargill kept up the attack and then put a boot to Velvet's neck. She then threw Velvet across the ring into the corner and did some pushups. Velvet hit an elbow and then hit another one to the face of Cargill. She then hit a boot when Cargill charged at her and then hit two big slams and a huge slam that had Cargill reeling.

Velvet then slapped her hard in the face, and she followed it up with double knees to the back of the head and a kick to the face that pushed her back. Velvet charged but Cargill leaped over her and hit a pump kick to the face.

Cargill went to finish Velvet but Velvet was able to counter and pin Cargill's shoulders to the mat for a near pin. Velvet hit a spear on Cargill and went for a pin again but Cargill kicked out. Velvet hit a big kick and then worked her arm a bit going for the Final Slice, but Cargill brought her down face first to the mat, and that was what Cargill needed to get the pin and the win.

Cargill will face the winner between Jamie Hayter and Thunder Rosa, who will clash on Wednesday's Dynamite.

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