Watch: Baron Corbin Reveals New Game Of Thrones Inspired Look On WWE Raw

Baron Corbin made his first appearance as King Corbin on Monday Night Raw this week when he took on Chad Gable in a rematch from the 2019 King of the Ring tournament finals a week prior. Corbin had his coronation ceremony interrupted on SmackDown Live on Tuesday, which resulted in Gable destroying his crown, throne, sceptre and cape. Corbin apepared this week with a brand new kingly wardrobe, which looked to be straight out of Game of Thrones. At one point Michael Cole even claimed his new black crown was made of Valyrian Steel, the same metal that made up some of the best swords in Westeros such as Ice, Longclaw, Heartsbane, Oathkeeper and Widow's Wail.

Corbin's new gear wound up playing a big role in his rematch. Late in the bout Gable countered an End of Days attempt and locked in the Ankle Lock. Corbin managed to shuffle his way back to his corner where he grabbed his sceptre and smashed it on Gable's head, causing a disqualification. Corbin took the opportunity to whack Gable a few more times before celebrating.

The new King of the Ring spoke with on Monday afternoon and broke down what makes him so effective as a heel.

"I think it's the ability to not want to feel cool," Corbin said. "You can walk out and want to be a bad guy, play your part, but if you still do cool things, cool moves, give them those moments, it's hard for people to hate you. I'm really good about studying what irritates people, because they complain about so much on social media and I can take those things and how do I amplify it. If they're going, 'Oh, Baron Corbin only knows four wrestling moves! He's the worse ever!' The next night I might do three, because I know it's going to irritate them. I'm always looking at what I can do to irritate them. It doesn't hurt my feelings when people boo me and I'm not concerned about being cool."


He also addressed why so many fans obsess over his appearance on social media.

"It's crazy. All these people claim to hate me and hate everything about me," Corbin said. "But they truly obsess over every little detail. And I think that's part of having that 'it factor,' people are just drawn to what you're doing. They either hate every bit of it or love every bit of it.