Becky Lynch Makes Intentions Known in Fiery Tweet

Becky Lynch may have turned heel, but she's cursed with being too likable. On Friday she posted a [...]

Becky Lynch may have turned heel, but she's cursed with being too likable. On Friday she posted a message on Twitter that has us wanting to climb the turnbuckle and chug a six- pack of cheap beer.

For some context, Lynch and SmackDown Women's Champion Charlotte Flair had to be pulled apart by the entire locker room on Tuesday. It looks like their championship feud is underway, and if it wasn't clear, Lynch just let her intentions be known.

"This" is the SD women's title, @MsCharlotteWWE. I left home for "this" at 17, I broke ground for "this" in Japan and Europe while you were playing volleyball and getting a tan. I have built my life around "this" - so you're damn right I'm coming for "this." And you. Be ready."

Since her SummerSlam "heel turn" Lynch has flashed a combustible, yet intoxicating, personality. She's been so good, that the WWE Universe refuses to accept her as a villain. With every nefarious punchline, she's been cheered, while Flair has been booed. However, rumors have WWE stitching on to this distinction and it's been reported that WWE edited fan reaction in a YouTube clip to emphasize Lynch's popularity.

While that may be more theory than fact, this tweet by Lynch reads like Steve Austin wrote it—indicating WWE may be instructing her to toe the line between hero and villain.

Speaking of Stone Cold, he recently discussed the dynamics of Flair and Lynch's new storyline. During an episode of The Steve Austin Show, the WWE Icon shared his perspective on Lynch's SummerSlam turn.

"Anyway, they're telling their story and all-of-a-sudden, the finish goes down, and then, at the end of the match… I want to talk about this, just the psychology and people's reaction there in Brooklyn, New York, whatever you want to call it. Charlotte goes over. She's happy, obviously. Becky and her are close friends. They hug, and then, just that big ass right hand, slap. And then, more devastation from Becky Lynch and she blows the roof off the place. She's turning heel and gets a babyface reaction," he said.

Austin would go on to underline what the truth of the matter is: Charlotte, like her father, is better as a heel.

"I'm a fan of all the women in this match, but I love Charlotte as a heel." Austin said. "Becky, she's a better babyface than heel, but she's that fiery individual that people just really love, so I'm wondering if they'll take her as a heel."

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