Becky Lynch Gets Into Twitter Fight With Beth Phoenix and Edge, Implies She's Dating Seth Rollins

Becky Lynch got into yet another Twitter fight with fellow wrestlers over the weekend, only this time she may have tipped her hand at an ongoing rumor involving her and WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins. In a photo from WWE's European tour Lynch was spotted in the ring holding up both of her Women's Championships alongside WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix. On Saturday she commented that she thought Phoenix was too close to her title belts, kicking things off.

"Don't get too close to that title (Beth Phoenix)," Lynch wrote.

No worries (Becky Lynch) ...I'm just glad that we are friends and not steaming over a silly little detail like being tied for number of title reigns. Cheers!" Phoenix responded. Both she and Lynch have been Women's Champion in the WWE four times.

Lynch decided to respond by taking a shot at Phoenix's husband Edge, calling back to her heel run when she mocked him during an interview on The Cutting Edge for his career-ending neck injury.

"Yeah, we're neck and neck alright," she wrote.

This got the 11-time world champion involved.

"Listen The Man, you're doing good for yourself now kid," Edge tweeted. "But we can all find the footage of your steampunk phase, with a familiar entrance where you attempt Edge lite. And fail. Sooooo begone with you."

"Yeah, no, you're right, Edgester," Lynch wrote. "They want me to be nicer on social and I forgot. On this day, I see clearly. Everything has come to life. Pals?"

"Wait wait...are we involving our men now...," Phoenix tweeted. This prompted Lynch to give the closet thing to confirmation that she and Rollins are an item.

"I'll ask him..... (Seth Rollins)?" Lynch tweeted.

Though the two have been spotted together in public on numerous occasions, the closest either had come to confirming the relationship was when Rollins was asked about it in an interview with The Irish Mirror in late April.

"I'll leave that up to you," Rollins said.

Time will tell if Lynch's interactions with Phoenix, Edge and now Rollins ever make their way to television.



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