Becky Lynch Trolls Ronda Rousey With Photoshopped Instagram Post

Becky Lynch's social media hot streak continued this week when she posted a new photoshopped image [...]

Becky Lynch's social media hot streak continued this week when she posted a new photoshopped image of herself and Ronda Rousey.

The photo showed Lynch, wearing her X-Men inspired outfit from her appearance at Elimination Chamber, holding a baby. Expect this photo had the baby's face changed to that of a screaming Rousey.

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"Awwww," Lynch mockingly wrote.

Lynch's feud with Rousey goes back to the Evolution pay-per-view, where the two stood tall at the end of the night after both women successfully defended their titles. A Champion vs. Champion match was originally booked for Survivor Series between the two, but Lynch wound up suffering a concussion and broken face after invading Raw and attacking Rousey backstage. But even after granting Charlotte Flair the match instead, Lynch continued to antagonize the former UFC Champion on social media, often referring to her as "Ronnie."

After winning the Women's Royal Rumble match, Lynch officially challenged Rousey for her Raw Women's Championship match at WrestleMania 35. However a storyline involving the McMahon family caused Lynch to be pulled from the match and "suspended," allowing Flair to step in and take her place.

All signs pointed to the match becoming a triple threat after Elimination Chamber, as Lynch pretended to limp out to the ring on crutches only to brutalize both Rousey and Flair with a pair of crutches. Flair still had bruises from the crutches a week later, while Rousey suffered a cut on her head and had to be examined for a concussion.

"Ronnie, did you feel that excitement and passion when The Man came around again? That's what a main event is supposed to feel like," Lynch wrote in an Instagram post directed at Rousey. "Although I'm sure Char shouting into the mic and you scowling for the next 2 months will get people invested too. You think?"

This week's episode of Monday Night Raw has a special 70th birthday celebration for WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair. Given how Lynch has continued to show up on television every week despite her suspension, many fans are expecting her to attack the Flair Family during the show.

Besides the (assumed) women's triple threat, the only other match announced for WrestleMania 35 thus far is Universal Champion Brock Lesnar vs. Seth Rollins. According to numerous reports, the rest of the card is still up in the air with a little more than a month left before the show.