Becky Lynch Discusses Why She Doesn't Date WWE Superstars

Not only is it common for WWE Superstars to date one another, but it's becoming increasingly [...]

Not only is it common for WWE Superstars to date one another, but it's becoming increasingly likely that they'll get their own reality show.

But Becky Lynch not only avoids romance with her co-workers but has no interest in being a reality TV star.

At the moment, the 31-year old former SmackDown Women's Champion is single, but not long ago she was dating UFC's Luke Sanders. However, despite being free to mingle, Lynch revealed on the Jim Ross Report that whoever her next boyfriend is, he won't be WWE Superstar.

"Do you know what? I think that's one thing, that again, I've always wanted especially because you're going to be around these people all the time. And, like, I would like to keep that separate from my own personal life and I feel like everyone ends up becoming like a family member. Do you know what I mean? Like, a brother or whatever and I just want to keep my work life so drama-free, so, however, I can do that, I can go in, not have any awkwardness with anybody, not have any fights. Everything's about the work," she said.

While there may be shining examples of WWE talent mixing work and romance, there's no shortage of poor wrestling relationships. To Lynch, it's an easy decision to keep work and her personal life separate.

Under that same umbrella, Lynch says that's why she's not interested in taking part in WWE's reality TV shows.

"When I first got on the road, there was a conversation about [being a Total Divas cast member]." Lynch continued, "for me, I don't think that is in my future. I appreciate what it [has] done for the other girls, but I think I would like to keep my real life separate to [pro] wrestling and I just don't foresee me on any sort of reality TV show."

Lynch, along with Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks, and Bayley has never shown any indication of joining Total Divas. While we don't know them personally, they seem to be more interested in growing their brand in the ring, rather than on E!.

At the moment, Lynch is one of WWE's hottest Superstars on the build to SummerSlam. Two weeks ago, it seemed like a foregone conclusion that she'd finally recapture the SmackDown Women's Championship from Carmella, but not that Charlotte Flair is involved, Lynch's big win could easily not happen.

Regardless, it's good to see Lynch thriving in the championship scene. Win or lose at SummerSlam it feels like Lynch is due a long-term as champ.

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