Could Big Cass and Enzo Amore Re-emerge in Impact Wrestling?

Just one year ago, the future appeared bright for Enzo Amore and Big Cass.Amore had been a [...]

Just one year ago, the future appeared bright for Enzo Amore and Big Cass.

Amore had been a transformational champion for the WWE's 205 Live brand, becoming the Cruiserweight Champion and excelling in the role to a far higher level than he had previously on WWE's main roster. Then, a scandal broke and Amore was released from the company.

Big Cass was someone always rumored for a big push from WWE due to his size and look, though his wrestling ability still had some catching up to do. Following a nasty injury on RAW that sidelined him for months, Cass returned and had clearly turned a corner in his abilities. He engaged in some great promos on SmackDown Live and was placed into a feud with Daniel Bryan. However, Bryan pretty easily disposed of Cass on two straight PPV events and Cass was released following some backstage turmoil.

Both men obviously benefited from the exposure that WWE provided them and should thrive on the independent scene. The question is, where will they end up?

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross broached the subject this week on his podcast, The Ross Report. Ross believes Impact Wrestling (formerly TNA) would be a great fit and still obviously thinks highly of the two men, especially Cass.

"You've got to wonder if Impact Wrestling has their eye on this guy [Big Cass]," Ross said. "Under the right circumstance, getting all the stars aligned, I still believe that Big Cazz has great potential. I understand too, I've said it before on the air, potential don't buy the groceries."

He continued, "Somewhere along the way you gotta get to that level where they can't do without you….you look at somebody making an Impact, what about Impact Wrestling having Enzo Amore under whatever name and Big Cazz on their show? Worse things can happen, right?"

Big Cazz is the name that Cass has already been advertised as using at some upcoming independent wrestling shows.

Impact is currently experiencing some buzz in the wrestling world coming off of a fantastic Slammiversary PPV event last month. Some even called it the best wrestling PPV of the year, though their weekly television audience on PopTV has continued to dwindle.

Would the re-emergence of two former WWE stars in the company help Impact Wrestling? Sound off in our comments section.

H/T WrestleZone for the transcriptions