WWE's Braun Strowman May Not Be Healthy for TLC

Braun Strowman's health has been the subject to no shortage of scrutiny in recent weeks and WWE's [...]

Braun Strowman's health has been the subject to no shortage of scrutiny in recent weeks and WWE's Monster Among Men could be in danger of missing TLC on December 16.

Earlier this month Strowman underwent a procedure to remove bone spurs from his elbow. That surgery was believed to be minimal and there was room to hope he'd be fine by TLC. However, according to Cagesideseats, there's growing sentiment within WWE that Strowman will not be ready to wrestle at the pay-per-view.

However, if Strowman is unable to go, WWE may have a way for him to appear at TLC and still beat his opponent Baron Corbin. Apparently, WWE is mulling over the idea of Strowman earning a very quick and decisive win over Corbin, one that will take minimal physical effort, thereby protecting Strowman's injuries.

For now, file this under Wait and See, but if Strowman pins Corbin in 15 seconds, that's a sign that The Monster Among Men is still mending.

Strowman vs. Corbin has been built as an important match for WWE. If Strowman wins, he'll earn the right to face Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship at the Royal Rumble. But if Corbin wins, he'll become Raw's permanent General Manager.

The priority is that Strowman is healthy to face Lesnar at the Rumble. If he's forced to miss TLC, that's something WWE can work around. But if this injury lingers and the unable to compete in January, it could affect WWE's WrestleMania plans.

With Roman Reigns out, Strowman is the de facto future of the men's division. It's hard to tell is WWE would anoint him at the Rumble and let him carry the big re belt into 'Mania, but it is clear that Strowman will be a huge part of the company for the foreseeable future. For now, It's Lesnar who hold WWE's throne and he could easily keep his title through WrestleMania.

2019 is a giant question mark for WWE, but their uncertainty is our gain. Not knowing where Vince McMahon and Co. will take us makes for better content. For the last several years, WE have been constantly working towards handing the keys to Reigns, but given the new circumstances, their future is remarkably undecided. There have been rumors of The Rock or Seth Rollins emerging to face Lesnar at WM35, but t this point, consider those nothing more than speculation.

For now, look for WWE to make Lesnar vs. Strowman happen at the Rumble, even if they have to make big changes to TLC's card.