Braun Strowman Says He Doesn't Need a World Championship Right Now

Braun Strowman looked to be WWE's next main event star back in 2018. He set a record for most [...]

Braun Strowman looked to be WWE's next main event star back in 2018. He set a record for most eliminations inside the Elimination Chamber, won the Greatest Royal Rumble, set a record for most eliminations in a single Royal Rumble match, won the Raw Tag Team Championships with a child as his partner at WrestleMania 34 and claimed the Money in the bank briefcase all before the halfway point of the year.

However the big man's opportunities at claiming the WWE Universal Championship did not go well. His attempts to cash in the Money in the Bank contract were thwarted twice, and his eventual cash in on Roman Reigns was thrown out when Brock Lesnar attacked both men during a Hell in a Cell match. Strowman lost his shot at the vacated title against Lesnar at Crown Jewel thanks to baron Corbin, and was replaced by Finn Balor in his rematch against Lesnar at the 2019 Royal Rumble.

Strowman has spent his time on the midcard since then, but in a new interview with Sports Illustrated this week he firmly stated that he plans on being in multiple WrestleMania main events.

"I will main event WrestleMania," Strowman said. "Hopefully more than once on my way to a Hall of Fame career."

"I'll start with a main event against Drew McIntyre," he continued. "And I'll tell you who will win: me."

Strowman added that he hopes for multiple world title runs, but said he doesn't need to get his hands on either world championship at the moment.

"But it's not a necessity right now," Strowman said. "I don't need something to boost my character. I get some of the biggest reactions out of anyone just walking out because of my sheer size and ability. It would be cool right now, but I'm here for the long haul and I have many, many more years of WWE in me,There's plenty of time."

Strowman announced back in mid-July that he had signed a new four-year contract with WWE.

"Well I'm sure more than a few of you will like this announcement!!!!!!!! Here's to 4 more years of being the hardest working and best big man in the whole damn industry and working for the Greatest promotion in the world the @wwe," Strowman wrote in his contract announcement on Instagram.

As of this week, Strowman does not have a match booked for SummerSlam.