WWE's Braun Strowman Reportedly Working Through Multiple Injuries

Even though Brock Lesnar is Universal Champion, Braun Strowman may WWE's most important employee. However, The Monster Among Men may be in jeopardy of hitting the disabled list.

According to the Wrestling Observer Live, Strowman is working through multiple knee injuries. The specifics of the damage is still unknown but Strowman reportedly carries a noticeable limp backstage. As the assumed name to become the next Universal Champion, Strowman feels pressure to stay in the ring, despite his limitations.

This comes as worrisome news for WWE. With Roman Reigns, Kevin Owens, and Alexa Bliss out, WWE's is lacking proven main event talent. If Strowman is forced to miss time, it could really derail WWE's plans for 2019.

Strowman's knee issues could be the reason Brock Lesnar became Universal Champion at Crown Jewel, too. With Reigns having to vacate the title just a few weeks ago, the thought of Strowman having to do the same thing could have been an incentive to put the strap on Lesnar.

It's impossible to know if Strowman's injuries are the typical wear and tear that comes from the life of a WWE Superstar or if he truly is on the verge of significant orthopedic damage. Regardless, it's worth keeping an eye on his status.

Right now, Strowman seems set on capturing the Universal Championship, but WWE doesn't need that to happen immediately. If Strowman neede to take time off to heal, now is an opportunistic time. Strowman is booked as part of Team Raw for Survivor Series which means he won't have to carry a match. Until then, Strowman can stay inactive on Raw and only have to deliver a few running powerslams at the pay-per-view to keep things rolling. However if Strowman needed to miss December, he can do that, too. Essentially, WWE only needs him for the Royal Rumble and subsequent WrestleMania season, so don't be surprised if he's used conservatively in the coming weeks.

Strowman has been widely regarded as the future of WWE. And with Roman Reigns out indefinitely with leukemia, Strowman is the truest heir to WWE's throne. However, there's a decent chance WWE waits till WrestleMania 35 to finally crown him.


The night Reigns left WWE, Strowman flipped from heel to babyface. This indicated that WWE made a big alteration to his plan and may have started carving his path to the Universal Championship. A Royal Rumble win seems likely for Strowman, but there's a decent chance he goes one-on-one with LEsnar at that show, too.

Right now, WWWE is in s state of flux. If Strowman is forced to take time off, then their main event will officially become a crap shoot. Names like Drew McIntyre and Seth Rollins will certainly have to step uo, but here's to Strowman's injuries being minimal.