WWE's Bray Wyatt on Twitter: 'This Is Goodbye'

We haven't seen Bray Wyatt in months, but according to his latest batch of tweets, we'll never lay eyes on him again.

Wyatt is no stranger to cryptic social media posts, but this tweet at least makes an effort to appear sincere. Maybe Wyatt is ending a non-wrestling chapter, or maybe he's setting up the birth of a new WWE character. With the Eater of Worlds we simply do not know.

"I have so many things to fix. I realize that I was sick. My mind doesn’t work like other people’s, it gets lost and attached to ideals that are unrealistic and poisonous. My next journey will be to find my true calling.

This is goodbye," he wrote.

Wyatt followed up that tweet with another that carried closing notes.

"To all that have loved and supported us we say thank you.

And ask that you have faith in us.

I was put on this Earth to fix it, to change it.

And I will not die until this is so.

Goodbye my brothers and sisters.

The journey is far from over," tweeted Wyatt.


So how do we unpack this? Well, it may not even be worth trying. Wyatt seems to enjoy posting Twitter puzzles like this as he's used odd messages to stir up the WWE Universe on several occasions.

Wyatt hasn't appeared on WWE television since this summer. Before this lengthy hiatus, he was teaming with Matt Hardy in one of WWE's most memorable pairings in recent years. However the aging Hardy needed to step away to heal up, and Wyatt has been floating in nonexistence ever since. He did wrestle Baron Corbin during a surprise appearance at Starrcade on November 25.