Bret Hart Reveals Who Executed The Best, Worst Sharpshooter Submissions

WWE legend Bret Hart is never shy about giving his opinion on professional wrestling. One of the greatest to ever do it, Hart's opinion carries a lot of weight and he's certainly earned the right to be vocal and opinionated about a business that he excelled at on a level that most could never dream. The former multi-time world champion sat down recently with Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful and covered a lot of topics. One of the most interesting: what's Hart's opinion of how other wrestlers used the Sharpshooter, his famous finishing hold?

When asked who put the hold on the best, Hart said it would be easier to talk about who didn't do it well.

"I can tell you the ones that have the worst easier. I know Steve Austin had a hard time putting it on, so did Rock. They would tell you that themselves. You think, when you look at it, you go ‘Oh, I can put that on.’ But, you gotta think about it and gotta know how to put it on to appreciate it," Hart responded.

Shawn Michaels was also someone who struggled to apply the hold when he used it. Hart even said that during the famous Montreal Screwjob at Survivor Series 1997, he had to instruct Michaels on how to do the move properly just seconds before the famous finish and double-cross.

"Yeah. A lot of guys, even on the screwjob, I had to yell up at Shawn as he was putting it on. I had to yell up, ‘You’re putting it on backwards.’ Then, if you watch, he switches. So, I actually helped him put the final screwjob on right," he said.

Maybe not so surprisingly, Hart revealed that Sting probably had the best version of the Sharpshooter opposite of himself. Sting's Scorpion Death Lock and Hart's Sharpshooter were very close to the same hold, and Sting actually started using the move first.


"I think Sting always put it on. The Scorpion Death Lock and the Sharpshooter are basically the same thing. So, Sting was always a real pro. He put it on as well as anybody. If anything, he had it first, I think," Hart said.

Who do you think had the best looking Sharpshooter other than Bret? Personally, I'd be partial to his brother, Owen Hart. Let us know your own opinion in the comments section below or give me a shout on Twitter @ryandroste.