Bret Hart Hall of Fame Attacker Identified, Has Alarming Tweets

Who would blindside a 61-year old wrestling legend during his second WWE Hall of induction? According to CBS Sports, a man named Zachary Madsen would. the 26-year old from Nebraska stormed Hart's speech and tackled him in what was a truly scary moment on Friday night. Madsen paid dearly for his aggression as a swarm of WWE Superstars descended upon him with their fists.

The identity of the now notorious man was certainly a hot commodity and now that he's been marked, his tweets have become of public interest. And alarmingly enough, Madsen had been targeting Vince McMahon in a bewildering set of posts. Even more, Madsen is reportedly an amateur MMA fighter, making his swift demise an even better outcome.

"Please keep in mind that my check engine light is on, I've driven well over 5000 miles without an oil change and I don't have a GPS. Additionally, the only bigger joke than my car, is my sense of direction. It might be easier to book me a flight @VinceMcMahon YOU have 24-30 hrs," wrote Madsen.

"The Clown Prince of Rhyme will be headed to New Jersey on Friday with or without his two best friends, Batman and Harvey, unless other transportation is booked prior to then.

Again. Thank you so much @VinceMcMahon You are my hero!"


Madsen was charged with two counts of 3rd-degree assault and trespassing charge according to toe the LA Times. WWE issued the following statement Friday evening:

"An over-exuberant fan surpassed our security at ringside and made his way briefly into the ring. The individual has been turned over to the proper authorities."