Jerry Lawler Reveals Brian Christopher Involved in Jail Fight Hours Before Suicide

In the weeks following the death of his son, Brian Christopher, Jerry Lawler has stated on several [...]

In the weeks following the death of his son, Brian Christopher, Jerry Lawler has stated on several occasions that there is more to the story than what authorities have indicated. And in a recent interview, Lawler revealed a few of those missing pieces.

In an interview with Memphis' ABC 24, Lawler discussed the timeline of the day Brian hung himself in his jail cell. According to Lawler he and his son had a normal conversation that morning. However, Brain did mention the poor conditions of the jail and how the Sheriff had not followed through on any promises he'd originally made.

Later that day, Brian was involved in a fight, but one that created conflicting perspectives.

"We got cut off mid-sentence after fifteen minutes and we didn't hear anything until about 2:30 in the afternoon my fiance Lauren got a call from someone -- actually I spoke with this Sheriff and he said Brian had been involved in an altercation with another inmate -- there was a fight -- the Sheriff's actual words were: 'Brian was acting a fool and picking a fight with someone he shouldn't have picked a fight with,'" he said.

Lawler went on to mention that several eyewitness accounts contradicted the Shierrf's version of the story, and soon after Lawler received the horrible news that his son had hung himself.

"Then a few hours later I get another call in Raleigh from a Deputy Sheriff saying: 'Mr. Lawler, I've got some bad news. Your son Brian has hung himself in the jail. So it was just... from talking to Brian earlier in the day and hearing about the incident in the afternoon and then all the way to the fact that he was gone that evening it just doesn't add up. So many of the eyewitnesses who have spoken to us and gotten in touch with us... the stories just don't jive," he said.

Recent weeks have seen both Lawler and Memphis attorney's raise question about the death of Brian Christopher. The Tennesee Bureau of Investigation has already opened a case on the matter, but there have been no updates from them.

But for Lawler, the frustration seems to be mounting as he continues to receive reports that things aren't as they appear.

"It seems like a nightmare that we can't wake up from," Lawler said to ABC 24 Memphis. "It seems like every day something new comes up. We hear something from someone who was either an eyewitness to the incidents that happened the day that Brian died or people who have heard stories about just different things that went on in the jail," he said.

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