Brock Lesnar WWE Status Update and Rumor Killer on His SummerSlam Match

Brock Lesnar is out of WWE for the time being but not necessarily for good.Lesnar's widely [...]

Brock Lesnar is out of WWE for the time being but not necessarily for good.

Lesnar's widely expected Universal title loss to Roman Reigns played out at SummerSlam on Sunday night and Brock is now transitioning back to training for a return to the UFC's octagon. Most expect that UFC return bout to happen in early 2019 against Daniel Cormier.

As one would expect, the door still remains open for Lesnar to return to WWE down the line, however. PWInsider confirmed this in a recent report and noted that WWE would be happy to have Lesnar back when he's through with UFC.

There were also several rumors circulating the internet over the last couple of days that appear to be false. One centered on SummerSlam and the length of the main event, while the other was concerned with the script for RAW.

The report that the Lesnar vs. Reigns match at SummerSlam had several minutes shaved off of it is entirely false. The match went down exactly how it was booked by the agents and performers ahead of time. WWE did add Braun Strowman at ringside to try to take away any negativity from the fans in Brooklyn, but the company did not tell the wrestlers to shorten the match due to negative reaction from the live crowd or a fear of that reaction.

The rumor that Lesnar and Heyman were slated for a promo at Monday's RAW in Brooklyn is also false. While Lesnar was indeed advertised for the show for quite some time, he flew back home on a private plane following SummerSlam. He didn't walk out or anything of the sort. WWE chose to tape a backstage segment between Paul Heyman and Kurt Angle, which aired on the show as planned.

It's easy to imagine Lesnar returning to WWE in time for WrestleMania 35 next spring, though this will obviously be contingent on how his UFC return match goes. Lesnar remains undoubtedly one of the biggest stars in WWE and the company will always see him as an asset to their roster.