Update Brock Lesnar's WWE Contract and Future

As is tradition, Brock Lesnar's WWE contract saga will likely be a subplot for WrestleMania.The [...]

As is tradition, Brock Lesnar's WWE contract saga will likely be a subplot for WrestleMania.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that Lesnar's WWE deal runs through WrestleMania 35 and likely to have him work the company's next trip to Saudi Arabia this May. The current contract reportedly allows Lesnar to fight in UFC, an idea that has garnered plenty of momentum in recent months.

Lesnar has been subjected to regular USADA testing in order to finish up his suspension and be eligible to fight in 2019. Given their fireworks this summer, Lesnar and UFC Champion Daniel Cormier are expected to have their blockbuster bout sooner rather than later.

But The Observer isn't so sure that fight will ever happen. Dave Meltzer says that this could be yet another attempt by Lesnar to use a UFC chapter to put the squeeze on Vince McMahon and WWE to give him the fattest deal possible. This has been a recurring theme for Lesnar over the years and this exact tactic is likely why he has the most wrestler-friendly contract in WWE history.

In terms of logistics, Cormier vs. Lesnar may be impossible, despite looking to be a guarantee as of last summer. Back then it looked like Lesnar was bowing out of WWE for an extended UFC run. He lost to Roman Reigns at SummerSlam, finally handing over his Universal Championship to someone else after 504 days. However, when Reigns leveled the wrestling world with his leukemia reveal, WWE was forced to reinstall Lesnar as Champion under emergency circumstances. Now that he's on WWE's throne, it looks like Lesnar's window for Cormier is closing as the UFC Champion wants to retire soon, potentially in early 2019. So as Lesnar continues to hold WWE's top title, Cormier may be forced to find a new dancing partner and a fight that seemed like a lock will have totally dissolved.

Lesnar certainly doesn't need to fight in the UFC again. At 41-years-old, the better life lies within appearing 10 times a year in WWE and making millions to do it. So unless Lesnar has a burning desire to be UFC Champion one last time, there's not much use in him making the jump to the Octagon.

Regardless it looks like we're in store for yet another game of "Is Lesnar Leaving," but it's all in the name of good drama. Last year, Lesnar and WWE had us all believing he was gone for good after WrestleMania 34. But when he beat Reigns, it literally shocked fans into a profound silence. While they may not be able to pull that off this year, Lesnar's perpetual ambiguity is just good fodder for conversation.


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