Why Brock Lesnar Missed Raw on Monday

Earlier this summer, Brock Lesnar was advertised to be at the Brooklyn Raw the day after [...]

Earlier this summer, Brock Lesnar was advertised to be at the Brooklyn Raw the day after SummerSlam. While we're used to Lesnar no-showing at this point, there is a good reason why the former Universal Champion stayed home.

According to the Wrestling Observer Radio, WWE didn't have a reason to use Lesnar on Raw. It's been reported that The Beast gets paid by appearance, and because he's set to leave for UFC, there was no incentive to have him show up at Raw.

"Okay the deal with Brock on Monday was that they just couldn't come up with any viable idea to put him on television," said Dave Meltzer. "Why would you advertise him for months and have no idea how to use him? I can not answer that question, but the idea is what do you do with him?"

Unless WWE had plans for Lesnar later this year, writing the check for his participation made little sense.

"He already fulfilled all of his matches and they didn't want to put him on Raw, so that wasn't even an option. You know he signed for 2 more matches, he did his 2 matches. That's that. He cost way too much to put on Raw," he said.

While it would have been interesting to see Lesnar a day after he's been dethroned, WWE made the right decision by keeping him off the air. There's no indication when Lesnar will return o WWE but is expected he'll wrestle once again. All of the depends on how things go with UFC.

Some courses have Lesnar Meeting UFC Champion Daniel Cormier as early as November, but most seem to expect the super fight to happen in early 2019.

Despite the fight not being officially announced, oddsmakers made Brock Lesnar the clear underdog in his pending fight with Cormier. If Lesnar does lose, then his return to WWE will happen sooner. However, if Lesnar emerges the victory, he'll; have to defend the UFC Heavyweight Championship meaning his WW career would be put on ice, potentially for all of 2019.

At 42, Lesnar is of a comparable age to John Cena, AJ Styles, Samoa Joe and Bobby Roode. With Triple H and Kurt Angle still competing at near 50, it's not hard to imagine Brock Lesnar doing the same. While most fans were eager to see Lesnar go, when he does return, he'll be met with approval. Because no matter how aloof he may appear, fans want to see Brock Lesnar in action.

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