Bronson Reed Reveals How NXT Talent Took Announcement of Revamp

Fans are eager to see where former NXT star Bronson Reed lands next, and he was one of the most shocking names released by WWE and NXT earlier this year. Since then NXT has undergone a major revamp, both in the way it's presented on television (trading in the black and gold for a more colorful color scheme) and the talent it signs, with things skewing much younger than before. Reed, who now goes by his real name Jonah, recently talked to Cultaholic about the meeting where NXT talent found out about the new direction from Triple H and Shawn Michaels, revealing how the news was taken and how he personally looked at the changes coming to the brand.

"Before I had my dark match, maybe a week before that, about a month out from everything being rebranded, all the top TV talent got pulled into a room by Hunter and Shawn and they sort of let us know that things were changing, they're going in a different direction and it was all from Vince," Reed said. "This is what he wants, a complete overhaul. I think it shocked a lot of the people in that room, it also dampened some hearts. At the same time, some of us, myself included, thought we were going to Raw or SmackDown anyway so it was not really our concern."

"I want to say the room didn't seem happy. I think because, again, for these last few years we've been having meetings and them going on about the spirit of NXT and how it's this third brand and how we're making something special," Reed said. "And I think we all felt like that's what we were doing and then to have it be like well it's completely changing and we're no longer going down this road sort of is a bit heartbreaking, especially for guys like Adam Cole or Johnny Gargano or Tommaso Ciampa who'd been there and really put in a lot of hard work to make it that third brand."

As Reed referenced, he was wrestling dark matches ahead of SmackDowns and Raws, so it was assumed he would be making his debut on one of those shows sooner or later. That didn't end up happening, unfortunately, but Reed is too talented to not kill it somewhere else, so hopefully we'll get more news on his new home soon.

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