Buddy Murphy Defeats Daniel Bryan In Another Star-Making Performance On SmackDown Live

If you're looking for someone to earmark as a future star in the wrestling industry, Buddy Murphy is now two for two in as many weeks.

Last week on SmackDown, Murphy had one of the best WWE television matches in quite some time with Roman Reigns. Although Reigns won the match, it certainly put Murphy on the radar of some of WWE's more casual fans. The hardcore audience has long touted the former WWE Cruiserweight Champion as one of the best wrestlers in the company, but it's been fun to see the wider audience take note of late.

This week, Murphy went up against Daniel Bryan in another great match. Murphy and Bryan have been linked in recent weeks due to the storyline involving a mystery person attacking Reigns. So not only has Murphy benefited from the two big matches on television, he's also benefited by association by being paired with two of the WWE's biggest stars in Reigns and Bryan in backstage segments.

The match with Bryan, as mentioned, was another really good outing. They told a story of an injured Murphy overcoming the odds and refusing to quit. He took some punishment and refused to submit in several submission holds throughout the match.

This time, Murphy got the clean victory with a Murphy's Law finisher following some interference by Erick Rowan.


After the match, Murphy was set for a backstage interview when he was blind-sided by Bryan and Rowan backstage in an attack. Bryan screamed at Murphy, telling him that he doesn't belong, is trash, and deserved the attack.

It looks like we'll see more of Bryan vs. Murphy in the weeks ahead and I don't think anyone will complain about that.