'Bumblebee's John Cena Apologizes to The Rock

There's a precedent for wrestling superstars to leave the squared circle behind and join [...]

There's a precedent for wrestling superstars to leave the squared circle behind and join Hollywood, parlaying their superstar status for some major roles on the silver screen. Hulk Hogan did it, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is currently dominating, and now John Cena looks to follow suit.

But once upon a time, Cena levied criticisms at Johnson for abandoning his wrestling career in favor of something that wasn't as dangerous or had a grueling travel schedule. Now Cena is making amends for his comments.

Of course, it was all part of a WWE storyline when Cena and the Rock were feuding during one of the latter's temporary returns. Cena would berate Johnson for abandoning the WWE fans for big blockbuster movies — which some would argue is exactly what Cena is doing now. When asked about that storyline, Cena provided a blunt and honest response.

"I'm sorry and I was wrong," the Bumblebee star replied. "That's the best thing I can do. I think my gripes were legitimate inside the WWE Universe. The WWE Universe is so dedicated and so fanatical, that they're giving me the same comments that I once gave Dwayne Johnson. Because every Monday, now moving to Friday, when they turn on the TV, that's their lives. That's the thing they follow the most. I'm not there, I'm here promoting Bumblebee.

Cena explained that he is now hearing those same comments, given that he has a consistent track record of appearing on WWE Monday Night Raw on a weekly basis for many, many years.

"And if you're not there every Monday, as a viewer — especially since I've been with you guys for 15 years — you feel offended," Cena explained. "Especially since before, I was like, 'hey, man, where did you go?' This is a very tough balancing act, and it's one when I called out Dwayne, I called him out because of ignorance."

The new Transformers actor went on to explain the physical demands of the WWE and how that can hamper one's career in Hollywood.

"I called him out as someone who has tunnel vision in WWE and didn't understand the process that when you make a movie, you are not allowed to do anything else," Cena said. "Because if you ruin this, if Seth Rollins puts my nose over here, I can't film the movie. And that's not conceited; there's a hundred other people whose financial wellbeing depends on if I show up for work in one piece. So if I stop production, that can shut production down. That costs the movie money. It hampers the success of the movie.

"Once again, I was foolish, selfish, and ignorant, but it made for awesome TV. So at least we have that, and it's a conversation that I've had with Dwayne multiple times, and something that I'm super comfortable about telling any interviewer. I was ignorant, I was wrong, and I'm sorry."

It's good to hear that Cena has since apologized, but at least if the two ever return to the WWE Universe, they'll have an epic feud ready to go.

Bumblebee is now playing in theaters.