Carmella Fights Back Against Corey Graves Rumors, Says She's Not a 'Homewrecker'

Back in February Corey Graves' wife took to social media and accused him of having an affair with WWE Superstar Carmella. On the latest episode of The Bellas Podcast, the former SmackDown Women's Champion spoke out against those accusations, saying that she'd never tear down someone' marriage.

"Let me just say that I would never wreck someone's home," Carmella said. "That is not the life I'm about. Never in a million years would I do that. I don't care how hot the guy or how in love I think I am, that absolutely did not happen. I did not wreck a home!"

She was also asked if the two were in fact dating, and responded by saying it would play out in upcoming episodes of the reality show Total Divas.

Graves also spoke on the accusations this week on an episode of Chasing Glory with Lilian Garcia.

"The story that was making the rounds was not accurate," Graves said. "It was made out of anger and emotion and it wasn't what it looked like. I had been out of the house and living on my own for quite some time before that whole situation. It was a sexy story that people went, 'oh my God, let's talk about what a piece of crap this guy is.' It was angry and emotional, and [we] apologized on both ends.

"It has moved forward," he added. "I really didn't think that the divorce was any other's business but my own, and those closest to me knew. My small group of friends and even a few beyond knew what I was going through for a long time even before the process started, but that is what I get [for] playing my cards close to the vest once the internet grabbed a hold of the story and ran with it. But it is what it is. It blew by. The storm is over. And everyone has moved on and it has been for the best."

During the interview Carmella was also asked about the rumors involving her and John Cena being an item once he and Nikki Bella broke off their engagement.

"That is the most insane rumor," she said. "It was when I had broken up with my ex and he had been seen out in a bar in Tampa, and they just assumed he was with me."


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