Charlotte Flair Provides Dose of Clarity on Becky Lynch Rivalry

Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch are currently embroiled in WWE's best rivalry. However, while tensions have remained high, their story hasn't been the traditional struggle of Good vs. Evil. Instead, WWE has blurred some of the details.

However, Charlotte Flair is here to help.

In an interview with Talk Sport, Flair clarified that even though he prefers being a heel, she is most certainly a babyface at this moment.

“I naturally want to say that I prefer being a bad guy because I think I already fit that role. I think that’s the easy way out. But being a good guy and being able to enjoy the moments with the kids ringside at live events, knowing that they are looking up to me, I can’t say there’s anything better than that. Right now I’m really enjoying being that good guy and I look at it as more of a challenge for my character, because I’m having to learn to fit into this role. Having this new dynamic with Becky and having the audience see me lose my best friend will really help that," she said.

Charlotte being affected over her and Becky's broken relationship may have been brought up on SmackDown but the real story lies with Lynch acting like Stone Cold Steve Austin. Even though it was Lynch who turned on Flair, the crowd refuses to boo the Lass Kicker. However, they have not been shy about booing the story's heroine, Flair.

This ironic duality lead to fans clamoring for Lynch to embrace the role of the hero and let Flair slip back into her devious ways. But it doesn't look that's on the menu. Instead of deciding who's good and who's evil, Flair is more concerned with putting together a great program.

“For me it should just keep getting better and better and I think that’s what you’re going to see with Becky and I. SummerSlam and Hell in a Cell we were just scraping the surface, we’ve got deeper into the storyline and deeper into our roles and it should now just get easier to know where we are going and keep getting better.”


It hasn't been announced, but Lynch and Flair will likely bring their fight to WWE's first-ever all women's pay-per-view Evolution. For Flair, someone who is directly responsible for the growth of women's wrestling, a historic night like that still seems surreal.

“I want to say it’s hit me, but it hasn’t. To think I’m going to be on the same show as past legends such as Lita and Trish Stratus and then the future with the girls of NXT, it’s very humbling. I think the event as a whole is a game changer and then once people tune in to watch the show they will realize there’s no difference between male and female Superstars. You’ll see that the women are just as captivating and as good at storytelling as the men are and that’s because WWE are giving us that platform and opportunity to show what we can do. I have the opportunity to show the world there’s only one queen in WWE; I’m pretty excited about it," she said.