CM Punk Defeats Daniel Garcia on AEW Rampage

Tonight's AEW Rampage kicked off with CM Punk taking on Daniel Garcia, and 2.0 would make themselves available at ringside. Punk and Garcia locked up and Punk pushed Garcia down to the mat and tried to pin his shoulders down twice, but both times Garcia got his shoulders up. Then Punk locked in his head and neck in holds but eventually, Garcia returned the favor, and after a few tradeoffs Punk hit Garcia with a Shoulder Tackle that sent him into his corner. They went to lock up agar but Punk went for Garcia's leg, and then locked in a Heel Hook, but Garcia grabbed the ropes.

They locked up again, and Garciapinned Punk in the corner and laid in a big chop, but after showboating, a bit Punk hit a huge chop and then slammed Garcia hard to the mat. He lifted him again and hit another Bodyslam.

Punk went for another one but Garcia countered and then got Punk into the corner for a number of kicks. He charged towards Punk in the corner and Punk lifted him, but 2.0 grabbed Garcia and brought him down.

Then 2.0 went to work while the referee's back was turned, slamming Punk's leg around the post two times when the referee wasn't looking. Garcia then went to work too, grabbing Punk's leg and foot and locking it in a hold around the post, doing even more damage to the injured leg.

Garcia then did more damage to the knee and hit a chop, and Punk looked like he was in pain. Punk and Garcia traded punches, but then Garcia caught his leg and wrenched his knee, and pulled it back. Punk came back with big strikes and shoulder charges, but when he went to lift Garcia Punk's knee gave out from all the damage.

Garcia charged forward with a dropkick but Punk evaded and Garcia slammed to the mat on his neck and back. He charged again but Punk countered with a Knee Strike, and the two traded more punches, forearms, and elbows. Punk blocked a kick and then hit a roundhouse kick, but Garcia kicked out.

Garcia hit a great move but then Punk hit a Neckbreaker, followed by a Rising Knee Strike, but Garcia slammed Punk down for a pin attempt, though Punk kicked out. Garcia went to lift Punk but Punk hit a flurry of punches, and then he went for a huge clothesline, though Garcia kicked out.

Punk signaled for the GTS, but Garcia got away and rolled Punk up and then locked in the Sharpshooter. Punk made it to the ropes so Garcia had to let go, and then Punk evaded him twice, causing him to run into both members of 2.0. Punk then dove onto all three and cleared them out, and rolled Garcia in, and then hit a clothesline. He hit a Piledriver and then dragged Garcia towards the middle of the ring and then locked in the Anaconda Vice, and that was enough to make Garcia tap and give Punk the win.