CM Punk Throws Shade at WWE Regarding the Lana-Bobby Lashley Wedding on WWE Raw

This week's Monday Night Raw will feature the wedding Lana and Bobby Lashley. But hours before the festivities could begin, CM Punk already had the perfect response to what's sure to be a wild segment. The former WWE Champion and WWE Backstage analyst responded to one of @WWEonFOX's tweets on Monday morning that claimed the segment would be the "wedding of the decade."

For those who don't know, Punk was infamously fired from WWE back in 2014 on the same day as his wedding with AJ Lee. WWE officials have since claimed that wasn't on purpose, but fans seemed to love the shade-throwing anyway.

Punk has stated in the past that he never plans on wrestling for the WWE again. But during his first episode as analyst on the Fox Sports 1 show, he managed to leave the door open slightly.

"I work for FOX," Punk said. "Haven’t talked to anybody in WWE. Not actively pursuing or interested in, but I’m 41 years old and I’ve lived an experienced life, so I know not to say no, but that’s going to be a bridge that’s going to have to be built and might take as long as building the great wall of China, because there are some hurdles."

During that same episode Punk listed what he hates about the current product.


"I think the product is the same as when I left it," Punk said. "Wrestling could be so much better, it could be so much more. Obviously there's a reason myself, yourself, everybody who puts on a pair of boots fell in love with professional wrestling. And regardless of what I think of the product now, the opinion is the same as when I was there.

"Stuff is overproduced, stuff's micromanaged. I think the best characters, the people that fans love the most throughout all of wrestling are the characters that they get to figure stuff out themselves instead of being told what to do by somebody who've never done anything, never been anywhere. 'never drew money, brother.' So I think there's a lot wrong with it, but I see a lot of bright spots."