Brian Myers Talks Rare Wrestling Figures, Retro Toy Line Demand

Brian Myers' release from WWE last month was met with some disappointment at first, but in the end, also a bit of excitement. The man who performed as Curt Hawkins for close to 15 years will now hit the independent scene once again to show that he can still hang with the best in the ring. And outside of what happens between the ropes, Myers' WWE release also will give he and co-host Matt Cardona (Zack Ryder) more freedom when it comes to producing their wildly popular podcast and YouTube channel, The Major Wrestling Figure Podcast.

Myers is one of the most well known figure collectors in the wrestling business, and during an exclusive interview with this week, we talked about his famed collection and some of the bigger themes of the collecting world.

In a video that was recently published to his YouTube channel, Myers told the tale of tracking down an unusual version of an ECW New Jack figure. We asked him if that was now the most rare figure in his collection.

"That one (New Jack), you have to just watch that video to understand how bizarre that is, because I wouldn't even necessarily call that rare," Myers explained. "I mean it's rare in spotting, but not like in value I guess, so it's very odd. I don't know (if it is the most rare).

"I recently, within the past six months, completed all the WCW Galoob UK variants, including Luger with the chain that he randomly comes with and we have no idea why, and Big Josh and the axe handle, which is something I'd never thought I'd own. I have that. And then all the repainted ring gear. I have a Mattel 1 of 15 Defining Moments Ultimate Warrior. It's like modern day Warrior before he passed. Actually, he's supposed to look exactly like he did in the commercial, the 2K commercial right when he came back to the company. That's a really cool piece. I have the Mailaway (Hulk) Hogan Hasbro still in the bag, sealed. Pretty proud of that...My personal favorite thing that I own is every single ECW original San Francisco Toymaker figure autographed by the guys, including several deceased guys now."

So we posed the question: what is the next retro wrestling figure craze?

"(WCW Galoobs) are already pretty pricey, I mean if you want the carded ones or whatever," Myers said. "I mean the basic, what is it, eight guys or 12 guys, the US 12 are still pretty doable and affordable loose, but anything then on card Galoob is already pretty high.

"I think it's got to move on to the Attitude Era stuff as people get older. So I could see like WCW Toy Biz or, at some point (WWE) Bone Crunchers have to become valuable. There's no way they made that much, or I don't know, it's possible. Maybe (WWE) Titan Trons."

Myers did offer a tip for anyone buying the current line of WWE Mattel figures.

"My real tip for any collector is, somehow Mattels... If you hang on to a Mattel figure for two years it's going to skyrocket. I have no clue how or why, it just keeps happening. It does it like I've never seen in the wrestling figure business, it's crazy man," he said.


If you missed it, make sure to check out part one of our interview with Myers where he discussed his WWE release in depth, as well as what his future possibly holds in regards to AEW, New Japan Pro Wrestling, and beyond.

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