Daniel Bryan Tried to Ruin Young WWE Fan's Birthday After SmackDown

Daniel Bryan is wallowing in his new evil ways and his dirtiest deed yet came after SmackDown went off the air on Tuesday.

Before his dark match with The Miz, Bryan pointed out a young WWE fan who has a sign indicating it was his birthday. Bryan wasted no time in issuing a full-heel press and said over the mic "It's your birthday, congratulations. You're stupid."

Naturally, the fans hit Bryan with a tsunami of boos then retorted with a "Happy Birthday" chant for the young fan.

Bryan was certainly on one on Tuesday night as his earlier SmackDown promo whipped fans and society for ruining the environment with their insatiable consumer culture. While Bryan is trending towards being unbearable, it's actually refreshing to see a contemporary take on villainhood in WWE.

As with Becky Lynch and Dean Ambrose, WWE has relied heavily on cheap heat for their heels to get traction. While Lynch has morphed into an undeniable babyface, Ambrose's promo on Raw may as well have come from the 1980s. Although those tactics may be timeless, Bryan's version of being a bad guy is at least original.


It certainly looks like WWE is invested in heel Bryan keeping his WWE Championship for a while. He'll meet AJ Styles at TLC but expect Bryan to retain. If we had to guess, WWE may be building for a Miz/Bryan WrestleMania feud, but with the roles running opposite of our expectations.

Upon his miraculous return to wrestling, fans couldn't wait to see Bryan hand The Miz his comeuppance. However, not only did Bryan never pin the Miz, but their much-anticipated rivalry didn't have the magic most were hoping for. However WWE may be willing to try again next year, but with the feud flipped on its head.