Daniel Bryan Posts a Heartfelt Tributes Following the Death of His Dog Josie

Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella shared the heartbreaking news on Thursday that their beloved dog, Josie, had passed away.

On Sunday the former WWE Champion returned to Instagram with some of his favorite photos of her, which included himself, Bella and their daughter Birdie Joe Danielson.

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On Wednesday I posted a picture of Josie, happy and playful. Less than 18 hours after taking that picture, I was rushing her to the emergency vet, where she passed shortly thereafter. Our family is devastated. But in this grief, I try to focus on gratitude, because our sweet Josie gave me so much. To Bri and I, Josie was our first baby, and Josie turned us from a couple into a family. When I was going through a mental breakdown and no one else could get through to me, Josie held me together. Feeding her, walking her and playing with her gave me purpose, and her nurturing affection started healing my heart. When I got neck surgery and I was alone and afraid, I envisioned Josie sitting on my chest, as she would often do, licking my nose, and that gave me comfort and courage. Josie made me laugh when I was sad, nurtured me when I was hurting, and brought joy to my heart on a daily basis. Thank you Josie, for the joy you brought our family. Thank you Josie, for loving me the way that you did when I needed it most. We miss you deeply. We love you deeply. Always.

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Bella broke the sad news via her Instagram account.

"JoJo was apart of our family and Bryan and I treated her as our own," part of her post read. "I never lost being her Mama and even when Bird came into our lives JoJo was still my first born. I'll miss her soft pup fur, her snoring, begging for food, eating so fast, playing soccer, giving Bryan a hundred nose kisses but the biggest thing I'll miss is every time I walked into the door the last 7 years she has made me feel SO loved. A love I'll forever be grateful for."

She then uploaded a video of Josie playing with Birdie.