John Cena Gives Nod to Dean Ambrose in Cryptic Post

Before he was Dean Ambrose, Johnathan Good was known on the independent wrestling circuit as Jon Moxley. And since Ambrose may be headed back to the world of the indies, John Cena wanted to give a little energy to the artist formerly known as Jon Moxley.

On Tuesday, WWE confirmed that Ambrose will leave the company once his contract expires in April. While that story has received plenty of coverage, including a reaction from his wife Renee Young, Cena just entered himself into the news cycle.

Known for his A+ Instagram game, Cena posted a random yearbook photo of a man name John Moxley. At first glance, it could actually look like Ambrose, but the photo is nothing more than a product of a Google search.

John Cena Instagram
(Photo: John Cena/Instagram)

Cena's intentions will forever be unknown, but the post shows he's at least keeping up with WWE happenings.

Ambrose debuted as Jon Moxley in 2004 for the Heartland Wrestling Association. Ambrose would spend the next several years taking Moxley to RIng of Honor, Dragon Gate, Evolve and Combat Zone Wrestling. As Moxley, Ambrose garnered the reputation of being a hardcore specialist of sorts, but that part of his career officially ended when he signed with WWE in 2011 and joined their developmental territory Florida Championship Wrestling.

For the most part, Ambrose would bypass NXT and make his main roster debut in 2012 alongside Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins as a henchman for CM Punk. Their group would be called The Shield and the rest is history.