Drew Gulak Is No Longer With WWE, Opts To Let Contract Expire

Just one day after having the best match on SmackDown with Daniel Bryan, Drew Gulak has reportedly left WWE. The move was shocking upon first news given the push that Gulak has seen since Bryan elevated his stature within the company after the two had some great singles matches, followed by forming an alliance where Gulak was playing the role of Bryan's coach. A report from Pro Wrestling Sheet incorrectly noted that Gulak had been released after rumors started swirling on Saturday afternoon. PWInsider later reported that Gulak's contract expired.

Gulak was still playing up his alliance with Bryan as of just a few hours ago on his Twitter page. However, it wasn't long after that that fans started noticing his profile on WWE.com had been moved to the Alumni section.

Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful also reported that Gulak's WWE contract was coming upon expiration and he opted to not re-sign with the company.

Gulak joined WWE in 2016 and spent the majority of his time on 205 Live, including a run as Cruiserweight Champion in 2019. Prior to coming to WWE, he had high profile matches with PWG, Evolve, Chikara, and CZW where he was their world heavyweight champion.