Dwayne Johnson Praises AJ Styles' Ability to Sell Stone Cold Steve Austin's Stunner

When it comes to selling a Stone Cold Stunner from 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin, few could do it [...]

When it comes to selling a Stone Cold Stunner from "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, few could do it better during the Attitude Era than Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. So when the Hobbs & Shaw star spotted AJ Styles taking the move from Austin during Monday Night Raw this week, he had to get his two cents in.

The moment came early on in the show when Styles and The O.C. interrupted the contract signing between Seth Rollins and Braun Strowman for their WWE Universal Championship match at Clash of Champions. Austin didn't take too kindly to Styles' insults and nailed the United States Champion with his iconic finisher once a brawl broke out.

"I'm a redneck Dwayne! There is a big difference," Styles wrote back.

Austin hit Styles with yet another Stunner after the cameras stopped rolling. "The Phenomenal One" took the pinfall loss in the 10-man tag match main event when Cedric Alexander hit him with the Lumbar Check. Since Styles has to defend his title on Sunday at the pay-per-view, he'll most likely have to step into the ring with Alexander again.

Johnson admitted in a tweet back in 2017 that he used to oversell Austin's Stunner on purpose because there was a case of beer on the line backstage.

"Me and @steveaustinBSR used to bet cases of beer on how crazy I could get with my "sell" of his famous Stunner," Johnson wrote.

Austin said in an interview back in early August that he loved it when Johnson oversold for him.

"Yeah because who would have figured, that guy, I hit him with that damn stunner and half the time I'd have to watch out because he'd crash over me," Austin said while on KFC Radio promoting Straight Up Steve Austin. "And The Rock, I mean he's always been like 275, and when his legs or whatever careened off the ropes and hit you in the head, it's like, 'Goddamn, that hurts!' And who would have thought then as he was flip-flopping around the ring for a Stunner that now, today as we speak, he's the biggest movie star in the world. You're welcome, The Rock."