Enzo Amore Explains Why He Crashed Survivor Series

In November a disguised Enzo Amore sat ringside for Survivor Series. His cover was blown by [...]

In November a disguised Enzo Amore sat ringside for Survivor Series. His cover was blown by Twitter, which led him to Phase II of the operation: standing up and screaming. The episode led to him getting booted from the building and what proved to be one of the weirder WWE moments f 2018.

No one was quite sure of Amore's motive, but he just explained the purpose of mission: attention.

In an interview with Title Match Wrestling, Amore revealed that his ploy was his version guerrilla marketing.

It's simple—I've sat here and explained so much to you about marketing, and the character of Enzo and how I marketed him—do you people have any idea how much money it costs if you're a business on a marketing advertising level, trying to trend in the top 5 worldwide? And how much more powerful that is than cable numbers on commercials? So why not do it? I beat Survivor Series on many things in many facets in trends. I trended #1 worldwide and had things going on and said about me in articles, understand if you typed it or read it, I probably manifest it.

Amore's presence and subsequent outburst did indeed garner plenty of attention, but we'll never know if it impacted the former Cruiserweight Champion's net worth. But per Amor,e, it wasn't so much about the money as it was WWE having to acknowledge him.

"I did it for very, very few reasons. The next day they're going to sit in on a meeting at Monday Night RAW, and they are going to go over all of their trends and topics, and I'm going to pop up on there. They don't have a choice, and they are going to see that I did better numbers, as far as statistically speaking, than any other wrestler on that was on that pay-per-view," he said.

Amore seems to think his tactics were bost cost-efficient and genius.

"Now look at Paul Heyman, look at ECW. Now take this back to the 1990s, WCW, Dusty Rhodes, take this back. I'm one f—in' man. One man purchased a—purchased!—a $2500 ticket, showed up in a wig, and stood up on a chair and got thrown out for that. I broke no laws. So if you tell me, if you're into marketing, you tell me break no laws, have no repercussions for your actions for $2500, you're going to trend worldwide [that you wouldn't do it]? Kiss my ass everybody. Y'all can talk your s—. Guys that were in the ring, no disrespect. There's a reason why I did it before the bell rang."

Amore was fired from WWE in early 2018 after allegations of sexual assault. While those accusations turned out to be lies, the truth didn't come out until Amore was well out of WWE. Since his departure, he's been focused in music and seems content with never wrestling again. However, stunts like this say that he may secretly hope to once again be a WWE Superstar.

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