Enzo Amore Explains Why Vince McMahon Loved Him, Triple H Hated Him in WWE

About a year ago, allegations against Enzo Amore forced WWE to remove him from the company. [...]

About a year ago, allegations against Enzo Amore forced WWE to remove him from the company. However, he still thinks he could get a hug and a smile from Vince McMahon, but not Triple H.

In a recent interview with Title Match Wrestling, the former Cruiserweight Champion contrasted his relationship with WWE's boss and WWE's boss-to-be.

"I wouldn't be remiss to say that I think I was probably his favorite character he had on that show for about a year," Amore revealed. "Maybe he hated me, maybe he thought it was the funniest thing, I don't know, but I was booked more than any other guy with a microphone on TV for a year. In our rookie year, me and Big Cass were the #1 merchandise sellers in the company. And that is what Vince likes, money. So, Vince loves John Cena. Why does he love John Cena? Because he's the top guy in the company, he makes money, he shows up to work every day and does his job to the best of visibility. Nobody can ever say that Enzo didn't show up and get his f—ing ass kicked, hop up, and do it again the next night," he said.

Amore did often find himself with a microphone in his hand during Raw's third hour. While a highly polarizing character, Amore could evoke reactions from the WWE crowd — a skill not every wrestling is blessed with. Despite his so-so backstage reputation, Amore says that McMahon was always happy to see him at work

"Every time me and Cass ever saw Vince - everybody says have a relationship with Vince, talk to Vince, but I was like, 'bro, don't ask, don't tell.' We see that guy, 'Cass, shake his hand, get the f—k back in the locker room. Hide in the hallway, avoid this guy at all costs,'" Amore recalled. "But every time we saw him, he smiled and shook our hands... When I saw him, I was always in character. I never left character, so he didn't really know the person, he never knew the person."

However, Triple H is a much different story. Amore has mentioned in the past he and The Game had a strained relationship, but he went into further detail with Title Match Wrestling.

"I knew that I was Hunter's red-headed stepchild," Amore admitted. "Hunter will sit in the room, browbeat me, and tell me I'm about to be fired, and then the next night, I get handed a microphone in the main event of Monday Night RAW. Vince is the one calling the shots."

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