Former WWE Champion Debuts on AEW Dynamite

Tony Khan promised that a big new signing would debut on tonight's AEW Dynamite in the first match of the Owen Hart Foundation Women's Tournament Qualifier, and he wasn't lying. After The Bunny made her way to the ring some new music hit and it was none other than Toni Storm making her AEW debut. Storm's 90-day non compete ended on Tuesday, and many fans were hoping to see her debut on Dynamite. They got their wish, and now Storm seems to be All Elite for the long run, though Khan hasn't shared the official All Elite graphic just yet.

Bunny tried to throw a punch to get things started but Storm caught it and sent it right back. Then Storm hit a Suplex and had Bunny reeling, and then she dodged another attack that sent Bunny into the corner. They traded punches and Storm took a chop to the chest and then a knee, but she grabbed a side headlock and then hit a dropkick to the face of the Bunny, but Bunny kicked out.

The Bunny got some momentum soon but after a while Storm came back with a vengeance, hitting a Fishermen's Suplex and going for a cover but Bunny kicked out. Then Bunny came back and slammed Storm down for a pin but Storm kicked out. Storm then went to lift Bunny but she grabbed onto the ropes. Storm then hit the Storm Zero and that was all she wrote for The Bunny, giving Storm her first win in AEW.

Storm will now move on to the tournament, and it seems Storm's AEW career is already off to a great start.

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