Former WWE Star Reveals They Probably Would Have Re-Signed if Triple H was in Power

WWE fans were elated to hear that not only was Triple H back in his EVP role, but he was also taking over WWE creative after Vince McMahon's retirement. Many have wondered what a Triple H-led Raw or SmackDown could look like, and that era officially kicked off with last night's Monday Night Raw. More and more reactions are starting to come in regarding the new creative team, and Fightful Select's latest report reveals that one former NXT star who is now with AEW says they probably would have re-signed with WWE if Triple H had been in this position at the time.

That star said, "I'm glad that I went to AEW, but if I was graduating to a Triple H-led SmackDown or Raw, I probably would have re-signed with WWE before my deal was up." That star and another former NXT star said they had no confidence in being creatively satisfied on the main roster at the time, with one of the stars adding that had Triple H been the person managing their creative future, "things could have been much different."

The report also reveals that a top free agent that has several options said that both Triple H and Stephanie McMahon being in their positions greatly increases the possibility of heading back to the company. Other free agents were hopeful their previous relationships with Triple H lead to at least having conversations, but they didn't expect that to happen right away.

Several NXT stars that have been released believe that if Triple H had been in these roles at the time they wouldn't have been released. A few did say they weren't being utilized or progressing fast enough before their cut, with one saying "at some point, someone had to be cut, so I wouldn't be realistic to say that it couldn't or wouldn't be me just because the person who got me hired had more power."

Among the people Fightful spoke to, it was nearly unanimous that Triple H was better suited for this spot at this time than Vince McMahon, with only one person of almost two dozen preferring an "I'll wait and see" approach to this new era.

The changes aren't going to be immediate of course, but there are many smaller changes that could be introduced over time that could make a huge difference in the long run. We'll have to wait and see how it all plays out, but it appears the reception to Triple H's control over WWE creative is quite positive.

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