Goldberg Working With Secret Service to Find Hacker Responsible for Trump Death Threats

On Tuesday, WWE Hall of Famer and WCW icon Bill Goldberg blasted Donald Trump in a barrage of [...]

On Tuesday, WWE Hall of Famer and WCW icon Bill Goldberg blasted Donald Trump in a barrage of bizarre tweets. Soon after, Goldberg revealed he'd been hacked and now he's working with the Secret Service to nail the culprit.

TMZ caught up with an incensed Goldberg who is ready to pursue the steepest of legal action.

"I'm sick and flippin' tired of people trying to steal people's identity because it's happened to me a number of times. These people are bullies and I'm sick and tired of it."

Goldberg mentioned he'd been hacked previously and despises the mal-intent that comes with someone stealing his, or anyone's, identity. So, he's going what he can to make sure it never happens again.

"This time when I got hacked, I called the Secret Service on my own and I'm taking them down."

The handful of fraudulent tweets involved Goldberg physically threatening President Trump. While they were all remarkable, here are few of the highlights:

"Your husband slept with my wife and called her a s— I think we should hook up some time after I'm done wrestling with trump, interested," Goldberg's account wrote.

"(Donald Trump) Why have you been threatening me and my wife you dick head just because you're the president doesn't mean you can make threats using your new found power we should go into the ring together no secret service just me and you," one of the tweets read.

The tweets have since been deleted and someone from Goldberg's PR team issued this statement:

"The Official Goldberg twitter continues to be a target for opportunistic hackers with bad intentions who are seeking notoriety and revenue," the statement read. "Team Goldberg will continue to address this issue while Goldberg is in ATL with Tu Lam working on his show 'Knife or Death' for the History channel."