Hangman Page Retains the AEW World Championship in Epic and Bloody Texas Deathmatch on Rampage

Tonight's AEW Rampage Main Event was the anticipated Texas Deathmatch between AEW World Champion Adam Hangman Page and Adam Cole, and Page immediately started throwing chairs into the ring before the bell had even been rung. Then Page went for a chair swing but Cole evaded, and Cole returned the favor only to have Page evade it and tackle Cole and hit a series of punches to the head. Page then slammed Cole into the steel steps, and Page then cleared off the timekeeper's table and slammed Cole into it. He went to hit a pile driver but Cole ran away and got some space.

He kicked Page but Page punched him back and knocked him over the barricade, and then both stars fought throughout the audience. Page took a drink of beer and then chased after Cole, making their way into the ring for Page to hit him in the face with a few punches. Then Page grabbed a chair and went up top, and after a quick fake he then launched and slammed the chair into Cole.

Page then threw Cole into a chair that was propped on the corner turnbuckle and Cole rolled out onto the floor. Page sat in the ring on that chair as the crowd chanted, waiting for Cole to try and beat the count. Page followed him out and slammed him into the barricade and hit him with punches, which opened up Cole even more after he started bleeding a bit earlier in the match.

Page pulled out a table and set it up outside of the ring. Then he chased after Cole and tried to pick him up to slam him into the table, but Cole countered and slammed Page down on the floor instead. Cole then threw Page into the steel steps, slammed his face into the ring apron, and then rolled Page into the ring. In the ring he ran through Page and knocked him over, and then he grabbed a chain, wrapping part of it around the top rope.

Cole approached Page with the chain but Page punched him and bought himself some time. Then Page knocked him down again and hit the ropes, but then Cole clotheslined him with the chain. Cole grabbed a chair and popped it up and then grabbed a second one and placed it right next to the other. Page picked Cole up but Cole got away, and then Cole kicked him and knocked him into the one of the chairs. Page caught his punch and slammed Cole down onto the two back-to-back chairs, and Cole was in serious pain, as it hit him squarely on his back.

Then Cole managed to come back from that and hit a Panama Sunrise, and it looked like that might be it, but then Page builds up enough steam to get Cole on the top rope and send him sailing across the mat into a host of chairs. Page and Cole are both bleeding at this point, but it wasn't enough for Page, who wrapped a Barbed Wire Crown around Cole's head and then slammed him through a table right on top of it, and that was enough to claim the victory for Page, retaining his AEW World Championship.

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