Impact Executive Teases Interesting WWE Meeting

Impact Wrestling vice president Scott D'Amore was part of the recent meetings between WWE and Impact executives back in September, and he finally revealed what the meetings were about on a recent episode of the Wrestling Perspective podcast.

D'Amore explained to hosts Petey Williams and Dennis Farrell that the meeting wasn't about one company trying to buy the other, but rather discussions over potential business relations going forward.

"There wasn't like - it's one of those things where there was a meeting, we got together, we talked and it's kind of like, 'Hey, it's kind of nice to be face-to-face and say hello and just be say that it's 2018, it's a whole different world and there's no reason why people shouldn't communicate,'" D'Amore explained.

After years of WWE never acknowledging Impact as a promotion, the two began working together earlier this year on various WWE Network products as Impact provided programming footage for the Hardy Boyz documentary, an episode of Bruce Prichard's Something Else to Wrestle podcast and an episode of Table for 3 involving Kurt Angle and AJ Styles.

D'Amore saw the growing relationship as a sign of change in the wrestling world.

"The fact that we can do a deal with WWE that helps them tell a great story on the Network, whether its owe of the shows or its the Hardy documentary," D'Amore said. "It's certainly good for us to not just make a little bit of scratch for providing the footage, but also more so than that is the promotion they give us for the GWN and that having it on their Network and on their platform and saying, 'Hey, if you want to see more of this, download and watch the GWN. That's great for us, and that's something that wouldn't happen even two years ago. So whether it's WWE, whether it's Ring of Honor, no matter who it is, I just think that it's great in this day and age — finally we've stopped with that old school wrestling bs of, 'You're with him, you can't do nothing with us.'


"So to get past that — that's how business works... everybody benefits if there's communication and a little respect," he added.

Over the past year Impact has begun working relationships with numerous promotions. Many of Lucha Underground's biggest names are now featured members of the roster, Austin Aries has shown up on numerous Ring of Honor shows and several wrestlers were featured on the All In card back on Sept. 1.