Jim Ross Not Impressed By Kurt Angle's WrestleMania Retirement Match

At this moment, it looks like Baron Corbin will retire the great Kurt Angle at WrestleMania 35. [...]

At this moment, it looks like Baron Corbin will retire the great Kurt Angle at WrestleMania 35. And no one is excited about it, including WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross.

On Raw, WWE confirmed it'd be Angle vs. Corbin April 7, and that news was instantaneously rejected by fans and even Angle's wife. Ross chimed in with his own opinion via Twitter, calling WWE's decision "underwhelming."

Some think that WWE will add to the match or will at least swap out Corbin, but for now, consider that to be speculative. Tuesday morning, Angle tried to get out in front of the disappointment by selling Corbin as a deserving option.

"My farewell match will be against Baron Corbin at Wrestlemania. I realize it's not the most popular decision from a fan's perspective... BUT I will make Corbin tap out on the biggest stage of them all.... and I Hope you can share this moment/accomplishment with me on April 7th," Angle wrote. "Baron is a legit tough guy. It won't be easy but it never is."

Corbin vs. Angle does have precedent as this story goes all the way back to the fall of 2018. However, other than their beef over the RAW GM spot, Angle and Corbin have had limited interactions. While their match is technically logical, most fans were hoping for a bigger name — like John Cena.

When Angle announced WrestleMania 35, Cena made an Instagram post tipping his cap to the Olympic Gold Medalist. Many fans took that as Cena nominating himself as Angle's opponent, but as of this writing that won't be happening.

An opportunity like this for Corbin isn't that random, though. Since arriving being promoting from NXT, Corbin has been fed big opportunities. And for the most part, he's handled them all well. Without question, Corbin is one of the most despised heels on Raw's roster, making him inherently valuable in a day where it's tough to create villains.