Jim Ross Responds to Criticism of His Commentary Performance at AEW All Out

Jim Ross has had enough of the critics on Twitter.

The WWE Hall of Famer and All Elite Wrestling commentator made his fourth appearance at AEW's commentary desk on Saturday night when he worked alongside Excalibur and Alex "Goldenboy" Mendez to call the action at the All Out pay-per-view. Some wrestling fans hopped on Twitter throughout the show and criticized Ross' performance, saying that it sounded like he was "phoning it in" on certain matches.

Ross appeared on Busted Open Radio on Thursday and fought back against those critics, saying they could never question the amount of effort he's putting into the product.

"The only thing that pisses me off at our show is that these guys online, you can always critique my work, fellas, and I'm thinking it probably deserves it at times. I get it," Ross said. "But never question my effort, never question my heart. That's unacceptable in my world. And I saw, I got some tweets — indirectly because they won't tweet you directly @JRsBBQ — they want to make sure that if it gets back to me, 'Well it sounds like JR sure called that in.' That pisses me off, to be very frank about it."

Ross also said he acknowledges that he can improve certain things about his commentary, even though he's been doing it for decades.

"[I have to] not be thinking I'm the greatest thing since sliced bread," Ross said. "I've got to open my mind and I've got to be willing to learn, take new steps and get out of my comfort zone. You guys have heard my comfort zone speech... if you let yourself reside in your comfort zone, you're dying. If you're not growing in life in general, relationships, your job, your friendships, if you're not growing then you're dying in my view.

"Ol' JR here, whose got a lot of experience luckily in the business we all love and the fans who are listening love, I've got to be willing to open my mind up," he added.


Ross mentioned how his commentary partner Excalibur has a mental encyclopedia when it comes current moves and what names they go by, and he admitted that he needs to learn from him.

"Good Ol' JR" signed with AEW back in April to work as both a commentator and as a senior advisor backstage. The contract he signed was touted as "the most lucrative deal in pro wrestling commentary history."