Jim Ross Gives Update Following Rib Injury

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross gave fans an update following his trip to the ER on Monday after [...]

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross gave fans an update following his trip to the ER on Monday after suffering an injury during New Japan Pro Wrestling's G1 Special in San Francisco on Saturday.

On the latest episode of his podcast The Ross Report, Ross said he was diagnosed with a bruised rib and a bruised lung. He was pulled from a number of public events as a result of the injury, including a campaign rally for Kane's mayoral run for the Knoxville County Mayor position.

For those who missed it, Ross and former UFC fighter Josh Barnett were on commentary for the show's AXS TV live broadcast on Saturday night at the Cow Palace in San Francisco, California.

Late in the evening Jay White defended his IWGP United States Championship against Juice Robinson (WWE fans will remember him as CJ Parker from NXT). During the match White suplexed Robinson on the floor into a barricade, which was right in front of the commentary table. The table lurched back upon impact, hitting Ross in the stomach and causing him to fall out of his chair.

Ross clarified the day after the event that the incident was not planned and that he was still feeling the effects from the injury a day later.

"For the record, the 'bump' I took at ringside at #G1SanFrancisco was not storyline driven matter nor was it discussed," Ross tweeted. "I think I broke a rib. Couldn't put my roller bag in the overhead today after a sleepless Sat night."

Barnett also took to Twitter early Sunday morning, tweeting "Not a work" in reference to the incident. The former UFC Heavyweight Champion was so outraged by what had happened he left the table and pursued White before being stopped security.

The two discussed what happened on the podcast, with Ross being critical of the two as he called the spot "inept, dangerous and unnecessary." Meanwhile Barnett explained what drove him to nearly get physical with White.

"Yes, that was the crowning moment there," Barnett said. "Everything happened so damn fast. As soon as that table hit, down you went. Somebody tried and go 'you didn't even try to catch him.' How the f— was I going to try and catch him?

"It wasn't just me but we were getting disrespected and that was it," he continued.

Robinson went on to win the match, making him the first US citizen to hold the championship.