Kane Sworn in As the New Mayor of Knox County, Tennessee

Following his resounding victory in the Mayoral election for Knox County, Tennessee earlier this month, WWE's Glenn Jacobs (Kane) took the oath of office on Friday, August 31st.

After a brief lame duck period, the former wrestling star is now officially on the job and running the show in Knox County and he has some major goals on his agenda. According to his official website, the following are Jacobs' most crucial priorities while serving as Mayor:

  1. Committed to keeping taxes low
  2. Renewed focus on quality of education
  3. Continue to attract new jobs to the area
  4. Improve our roads and infrastructure
  5. Full and absolute transparency
  6. Work to create safer communities
  7. A fresh outlook on limited government

Kane's victory in the election earlier this month was widely expected. His primary victory over his fellow Republican candidates was the more difficult contest. When it came to the general election, Knox County is an area of Tennessee that is heavily Republican so the Democratic candidate (Linda Haney) never really had much of a chance. Kane (Jacobs) won by a margin of 66 percent to 34 percent.

It looks like a friend from WWE attended the swearing in ceremony as Goldust posted a photo to social media with the new Mayor.


While he received some heat during the campaign for appearing on WWE television while running for Mayor, Kane has sounded open to making an appearance or two back in the squared circle while he holds office.

Speaking to Rolling Stone a few weeks ago, Kane said, "WWE is always going to be part of me and hopefully I'll always be part of it. I haven't ruled out making special appearances every now and then. My main priority is being mayor, of course. [My role in the WWE] does bring a lot of attention to Knox County, so that's cool. It's just a matter of making sure everything I do — WWE or any other outside stuff — does not impact my role as mayor."