Kenny Omega Comments On His Future, All Elite Wrestling

While the wrestling world awaits his official decision at the end of January, former IWGP Champion Kenny Omega recently spoke about his future in the ring while attending the Tokyo Sports Awards.

Omega last wrestled on January 4th for New Japan Pro Wrestling at WrestleKingdom. At the event, he lost the IWGP Championship to Hiroshi Tanahashi.

At the Tokyo Sports Awards, Omega once again reiterated what he has said previously: he won't be wrestling for New Japan Pro Wrestling in 2019. However, he said he will still be wrestling in the spotlight, saying that he "would still be putting on Match of the Year performances on a large international platform" according to a translation from Chris Charlton.

The question remains: will that be WWE or AEW? Whether or not he signs there, it sounds like Omega will be rooting for his fellow members of The Elite at AEW.

"I cannot tell the future. I would like to say good luck to AEW. It is going to be amazing. I am interested because it is a group of friends of mine. Since they are my friends, I have no choice but to support," Omega said.

Most in the wrestling world are expecting Omega to sign with AEW when his New Japan Pro Wrestling contract expires at the end of January. According a recent report in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Omega has already turned down WWE's offer (which was reported to have been incredibly generous and one of the biggest offers they have made any wrestler of late).

There is a lot of money behind the new AEW promotion with it being financed by the Khan family, so there is no doubt the up-start promotion can offer Omega a deal financially comparable to what WWE did.


There's also the fact that AEW is being run by his closest friends in the wrestling business, Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks. Should the company go on to do big things, it's hard to imagine it happening without Omega right there with them to enjoy the ride.

While AEW has already made major headlines this year, announcing the signing of Omega would be the biggest move to date. Currently the most coveted soon to be free agent in wrestling, Omega's eventual decision will send shock waves throughout the wrestling world one way or another.