Jim Ross Skeptical Kenny Omega Ever Joins WWE

As WWE continues to take over the world, they have never been so aggressive in gobbling up talent outside of the company. However, there's one name that has proven to be elusive: Kenny Omega. And Jim Ross isn't sure if he'll ever make the move to WWE.

A large chunk of the wrestling world considers Omega to be the best wrestler on the planet. While he may be a good fit in WWE, Omega has played coy when asked about joining arms with Vince McMahon. From the outsider's perspective, Omega seems the be enjoying himself as wrestling's best mercenary and during a recent episode of The Ross Report, Good Ol' J.R. explained that Omega may not want to give up that freedom.

"I think that Kenny jumping to the WWE is very viable. It could happen; it's a matter of negotiation. All that matters would be, A) He wouldn't want to work as many dates as they will make him work. B) He likes to have longer matches, and handle most of his own creative, or at least influence it with his own thoughts. That could all be addressed," he said.

At 34-years old, Omega's has never been this visible. Whether it's his work at NWJP's Wrestle Kingdom with Chris Jericho or his association with Cody Rhodes and the Bullet Club, Omega has become a household name. But even if WWE is after him, Ross isn't sure the interest is mutual.

"The money is one culprit you want to guarantee. So there's a lot of things in favor of Kenny going to the WWE that can be negotiated, and can be figured out. For some reason, I just don't feel that connection right now. I just don't feel like Kenny is a WWE… he's an artist, he likes to do things in a very unique way. He wants to leave some legacy behind, other than the fact that Kenny Omega was a wrestler and got rich" he said.

As it stands, Ross doesn't see Omega coming to WWE, but knows all too well that we can never say never.

"So I don't feel the Kenny to WWE story, but man, if the numbers are there, it's hard to say that he would never go to WWE. He's no spring chicken. Life changing money can be ahead of him. But right now, today as I talk about this, I just don't have a feel that Kenny Omega is going to WWE anytime soon," said Ross.


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