Kevin Owens Could Be Back for WrestleMania 35

When Kevin Owens announced he needed not one, but two knee surgeries, his prospects for WrestleMania 35 looked grim. However, the former Universal Champion may be on track to compete at WWE's mega show.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Owens is slated to return to the WWE ring by the end of February or early March. This would give Owens nearly a month to build for WrestleMania on April 7.

However, just because Owens may be healthy, he could still miss the show or may be given little to work with. By March WWE will likely have most of WM35's card set, which could leave Owens to compete in the Andre the Giant Battle Royal. This is all speculative of course, but don't expect KO to be getting a major role at the event.

Regardless it seems like KO is healing well and will return to full WWE action in 2019. On a side note, his last deed before surgery appeared to be a face turn. After Bobby Lashley handed him a gratuitous beatdown, Owens was on the receiving end of some sympathy an that could carry over to his return next spring. What role Owens plays will depend heavily on WWE's needs, but here's your reminder that Owens could be acting oddly nice when he comes back.