Watch: Kofi Kingston and Daniel Bryan Respond to CM Punk Chants by Hitting the GTS on Each Other

CM Punk chants have become an unfortunate staple of any disgruntled WWE crowd, and as a result some of the wrestlers have made a sport out of reacting to the chants. AJ Styles gave the crowd the "Suck It!" taunt when they used it on him during Monday Night Raw a couple of weeks back, and both Stephanie and Shane McMahon have used the chants to take shots at the former WWE Champion in the past.

Kofi Kingston and Daniel Bryan were in a match against each other in Lima, Peru on Saturday night when the crowd started up the chant. The pair responded by hitting the Go To Sleep (or GTS, Punk's signature finisher) on each other. The crowd erupted both times the move was used.

Punk hasn't been in the WWE since 2014, and stated in a recent interview with ESPN that he doesn't hold the same resentment towards the company that he used to. At one point Punk was asked about the speculation that he might go to All Elite Wrestling, WWE's new competition.

"I get it. But also there's a weird thing, and I don't know, it's just across entertainment as a whole, but I'm not that dude that sat down on a stage in Vegas eight years ago," Punk said. "I'm not the dude that left WWE. I'm not that guy. That was five-years-ago Phil. I'm a different dude now. People still have that connotation, like, 'Oh, he hates WWE.' And it's just like, no, I've let all that go, and I've let all that go so long ago. But there are people that hold on to that. They still think or want me to be who I was. I'm not who I was yesterday. This is my journey, this is my odyssey."

In the years since his WWE departure Punk has stepped into the world of mixed martial arts. He has two UFC fights to his name (both losses), and addressed his future with the promotion in the same interview.


"That I have no idea about, but I will say that I'm a different animal compared to most people," Punk said when asked about his contract. "I think I'm just kind of floating right now. But have I been offered anything? No, I haven't. Every time somebody calls me, though, I'm like, 'Oh, this is it, I'm cut.' I think I've come to terms with it. I'd be like, 'All right.'"

Punk is currently scheduled to appear at the Starrcast fan convention on Saturday hours before AEW's All Out pay-per-view event.