Matt Hardy Hints at 2019 WWE Comeback

We haven't seen Matt Hardy wrestle since last summer and with no evidence to say otherwise, it [...]

We haven't seen Matt Hardy wrestle since last summer and with no evidence to say otherwise, it looked like he quietly retired from WWE action. But the future Hall of Famer looks to have dramatic plans for 2019.

Citing chronic and significant back issues, Hardy hasn't wrestled since July. While he did hint retirement, nothing ever was made official. However, by his transition to a backstage role within WWE seemed to note his wrestling days were done. But one of his latest tweets suggests that he'll be back in action sometime this year.

"Excited to check out the 1st #RAW of 2019 tonight, especially with all the interesting things that are advertised. Most importantly, I need to see where all the pieces are positioned & moving to on the @WWE chess board.


At 44-years old, Hardy isn't too far off of WWE's median age. Considering both The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels competed in a WWE ring in 2018 at the age of 53 it seems like Hardy has plenty left in the tank. However, even though he is technically younger, Hardy has put considerable mileage on his body through the years. The health issues that forced him to leave in January stem from is back literally fusing with his pelvis. So if Hardy does return in 2019, it will likely be his swan song.

Hardy and his brother Jeff remain two of WWE's most popular Superstars. While they won't be holding World Championships anytime soon, their charisma, passion and reckless abandon will endear them to wrestling fans for the rest of eternity. Jeff is currently an active Superstar on SmackDown but his own set of injuries have limited his availability in recent months.

We'll guess that Matt Hardy gets one more run in WWE. His Woken persona caught on with fans and actually sparked measurable momentum for him and teammate Bray Wyatt. It's unlikely that tag team gets a reboot, but Hardy will certainly get a memorable send-off, perhaps Deleting himself in the Lake of Reincarnation.