Why Nikki Bella Wants to Change the Name of 'Total Divas'

The term "diva" has been all but banned from traditional WWE programming. The only thing giving it life is WWE's hit spinoff show on the E! Network, but Nikki Bella thinks Total Divas is due a rebranding.

At ACE Comic Con, Bella revealed that he's actually pitched a name change to E!, but it doesn't sound like her idea was a hit with decision makers.

"Being an executive producer of 'Total Divas' we've had so many discussions about changing the name of the show," she said. "Unfortunately, it's on network TV and you can't just change the name one day," she said.

Even though "diva" is openly mocked by female Superstars on Raw and SmackDown those in charge of Total Divas think the title is still relevant.

"They have felt that people will still be connected with it even though it's called 'Total Divas.' I feel the opposite. I feel like there's a huge disconnect because we've made that name so bad," she said.

WWE's now-defunct Divas division was certainly different a different brand of wrestling than what we're used to in 2018. However, even then female wrestlers wanted to be taken as seriously as they are today.

"Even us girls in the past...when they brought out the Butterfly Championship, we were like, 'Oh.' We weren't expecting it. It's totally cute, but it wasn't like...that's what the women were craving. They were craving what it is now," said Bella.

Bella is WWE's longest reigning Divas Champion, however the 34-year old would like to replace that term with one as Raw Women's Champion.

"I need to have a reign that outbeats the Divas championships so I'm not always called a Diva and then one day I can actually be called a Raw Women's champion, so I got red in my eyes and I'm looking for that championship at Evolution," she said.

Ronda Rousey stands between Bella and that exact goal and on October 28 at Evolution Bella will get her shot. Current expectations have Bella and Rousey main eventing the history-making pay-per-view. Right now, Rousey is WWE best attraction and Bella is no slouch of a draw herself. Now that she and Brie are officially heels, the story between them and Rousey took a significant tick upwards. Their dueling rumor on Raw this week was the show's best moment as the evil Bellas have ramped up the story's drama.


While Rousey has faced formidable foes like Nia Jax and Alexa Bliss, her current rivalry with the Bellas is WWE most ambitious story with her yet. Hinging on betrayal, Rousey has been able to develop new layers of her character that fans seem to be gobbling up. It takes a good villain to make a great hero and Nikki Bella is playing that role very well.

Conventional wisdom says Bella won't be winning at Evolution. But with the help of her sister, there's an outside chance Fearless Nikki becomes Raw Women's Champion.